Originally written in 2020. Updated often.

Over the past ten years there has been a steep acceleration in what some call “cultural Marxism”, “identity politics”, tokenism, or “wokeness”. One form this has taken has been in films, specifically from the most powerful franchises in Hollywood, Disney, HBO, Netflix, Amazon, et al. Often “the message” has included conveying the ideas that females are superior to males in all ways, morality is relative, and gender/skin color is more important than character, skill, ethics, and effort.
This article is a list of a few titles that have come out recently and others that are coming or rumored. This is by no means the entire list.
Taken one at a time, this seems like no big deal. But the sheer number stacking up seems to imply a pattern. Did these producers mistake their demographics or decide ideology is more important than profitability and even their own sustainability? What is the goal? Socialism, revenge, a re-balancing toward more equality, or just plain fairness?
Here are a few of the more popular films and shows changed in favor of “diversity”.
Before we get into the cringy and sometimes hilarious, let’s look at 2020’s biggest and most entertaining red pill.

Brave New World,

the mini-series, 2020

Sexy, high budget, well-written, and – like the book by Aldous Huxley – a commentary on how

tyranny can arrive via comfort, ease, and pleasure.

Looking at today’s rise in the seeking of comfort and illusion of safety over freedom, this mini-series seems prophetic in the extreme.

I see this mini-series as a potential red pill for the many who may not see the price we are paying and will pay in the future for choosing comfort and the illusion of safety over freedom.

Originally on NBC’s new Peacock network.

For more shows/films we might call “pro-individualism,” “pro-decentralization,” or even “pro-liberty,” see this article/list.


Brave New World 2020

Now for the cringe

Robyn Hood 2023

Robyn Hood 2023, Disney at it again

Racist, collectivist, badly written, and full of identity politics where the protagonists are lionized criminals.

A show so smart, these criminals wear glowing masks while skulking through the dark to initiate violence upon innocent people but it’s okay because these victims are white. And the primary target of the show’s wrath is a rich landowner who says some comically shallow and obvious lines to show how morally bankrupt he is.

I’ll admit I didn’t watch this dumpster fire, instead watching Disparu’s funny and incisive take on the show. See video.


I thought that guy who plays Ahsoka (Rosario Dawson) was ugly back when he was a side character in Daredevil, but now with this show, his perpetually arrogant/smug look enhances the ugly to where it’s hard to look at him.

That said, though, I’m not sure if that character is more or less disgusting than the amount of overall feminization of men and pseudo-masculinization of women being so blatantly carried out in this shit show and ?most? Disney (and other studios) productions lately.


At this point, is anyone surprised?

Ahsoka, a Star Wars Travesty

Another man-hating, racist, culturally Marxist, collectivist, badly written, crap of a show by Disney? Not even surprised anymore. Well… mostly. What does confound me is how/why a multi-billion dollar company keeps throwing money away like it is toilet paper?

If you are prepared to see the show through Disparu’s hilarious filters (he misses nothing), watch his review:


As you can see from the Tomatometer below, the typical shill reviewers who want to keep their jobs and status gave the show high marks while real people were honest.

Rings of Power

Amazon’s 2022 Lord of the Rings The Rings of Power arrives with a bang, purportedly the most expensive show ever made.

I heard Amazon’s new version of Lord of the Rings show, “Rings of Power,” would be woke and possibly bad. But I wanted to see for myself and downloaded the first two episodes. This review (spoilers) pretty much tells it all: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjeBqoJg4Ug

My take: Half the scenes’ points are to show some kind of sexism and/or racism and its victims. The other half are to relate some long, boring, emotion-laden, often pointless tale. The final half (haha) lack logic/reason and serve merely to advance the “tale” to a point they want to get to (yes, contrived). Oh and it seems in this world it is totally fine to eat insects. Hmmm. Definitely not trying to soften us up for anything we hear coming in the real world.

As it goes on, it gets worse. Galadriel is a man-hater who consistently has either resting bitch face or a look of arrogance. Apparently, she is also a peerless warrior who can destroy multiple armed soldiers, genius strategist, Olympic swimmer, and omniscient.

The Harfoots (Hobbit ancestors), meant to be cute and funny, are boring and selfish. Why did no one help the uncle Harfoot guy as he was having the mis-hap with his leg? After awhile I realized this is their way. Why the back and forth of reverence, hate, curiosity, and fear they show Gandalf? Seems pointless.

Next, when the kid encountered the orc, why did he hide in the house instead of leaving the house? Why did his mom do the same? Obviously, they needed a “scary” fight to happen to show how tough the florist woman is. There was almost nothing not moronic about that entire encounter.

There is zero chemistry between the two supposedly gay elves. Contrived relationship. The gay box has been checked. I guess the elves can teleport so they don’t need time to pass, gear, or changes of clothes when they travel thousands of miles.

Finally, the part with the Dwarves was boring, predictable, slow, and full of more emotional blather that goes on far too long and seems pointless. Lame attempts at weak comedy.


Hulk replaced

Summary: “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law” show. Extremely anti-male writing. Writers created a main character who’s self-loathing and narcissism bleeds into everything she says and does. Cameos by various male superheroes, including Hulk and Daredevil, who are emasculated by her.

The show was meant to be funny and maybe inspiring for women. Rather than laugh, ever, I spent most of the time groaning. Stopped watching after episode 3.

If you want to be alternately bored, stumped at the number and level of simplistic and obvious plot holes and contradictions, and annoyed, watch this.

If you thought the writers for Rings of Power were bad, this show explores new depths. I imagine the writers being  overweight blue-haired 20-something women who learned about life via romantic comedies. Oh and the writers admitted they know nothing about how lawyers do their jobs.

The show seems to promote indiscriminate sex, narcissism, shallow materialism, friends treating each other deplorably, excessive alcohol use, giving in to anger, justification for overuse of power, destruction of random innocent people’s property, and incompetence at your job.


As you can see from the Tomatometer below, the typical shill reviewers who want to keep their jobs and status gave the show high marks while real people were honest.

She Hulk
COD Modern Warfare 2 US flag burning

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

The woke-ism goo has been infecting video games, too. Want to “unplug” from real life for a bit and turn your brain off? Good luck! An increasing number of games are pushing a message. For example, in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, the only US flag you will find is a burning one. If you want to select a flag to represent your character, you have been given a more “inclusive” option: 22 different [gay] pride flags.

Falcon & Winter Soldier

New in 2021, Captain America’s shield is given to a new unlikeable, straight white male who severely bungles the role. Luckily, a black hero – Falcon – is here to take the shield and save the world!

The first season of this show is an ad for BLM and communist / socialist ideals such as:

The ends justify the means. They blatantly say this and attempt to defend the idea. And in case we don’t get it, variations on this idea are oft repeated during the show. Mostly along the lines of it being okay to murder innocent people when it serves a “greater purpose”.



Since the first Marvel film that included Loki, I was fascinated by his character and enjoyed Tom Hiddleston’s acting. I enjoyed the writing and direction, too. I loved the tension between him and Thor, too! For me the hope the brothers would reconcile was like crack. Part of me knew it was a tease that would never come but it was still fun to have that fantasy.

Fast forward to 2021 and we have a Loki series! Woohoo! Episode 1: I barely remember, except that it was somewhat boring. Since it was the first episode and was establishing the plot foundation, I was forgiving of that. Also, Owen Wilson and his chemistry with Tom added much! 

Now I’ve seen episode 4 and wow. The dialog and events came across to me as juvenile, unrealistic, and contrived.

Do we have a bait & switch coming?

The bait: “Here’s the actor/hero Tom/Loki combo you all love!

Switch: Men bad. Women good. Kill or sideline the male Loki. Even better, keep him subservient to the female and pathetic.

Loki and female variant

Tom Hiddleston and Sasha Lane

I don’t want to spoil anything or make this a novel, so I’ll add one more thing I encourage you to notice. The female Loki does all the leading. Watch who walks in front and makes the decisions. Notice how Loki, a genius and god, becomes more pathetic with each episode of his own show. And is it paranoia to suggest the female Loki wears her cool armor but Tom wears “capitalist pig” business attire the entire show?

Do you see this pattern? Positive life lessons and ethics being modeled in films/shows less and less often, promoting authoritarianism, amorality, entitlement, and more.

Y the Last Man


Cancelled after a few episodes.

Boring. Unlikeable characters.




The show never really addresses the reality that Wanda turned an entire town and it’s people into a plaything to act out her fantasies. Seriously.

A familiar formula:

The primary women in this show are all capable, smart, and – except for Agatha – good “guys,” who run the show; those turned to for ideas and leadership.

The men, of course, are either bad guys or ineffectual. Obviously inferior to the females in the show.

Have you noticed this female-dominated plot in an increasing percentage of shows and films lately? It’s often somehow subtle but once you start looking for it, you will see it everywhere.

Speaking of that…


Star Trek Discovery

Kill off or make the CIS white males the bad guys.

A black female, gay mixed couple, and fat chick are the good guys.

On season 1, Tech Ensign Tilly (Mary Wiseman) was slim, healthy, and cute.

She plays a perpetually scared, emotionally fragile person who has a hard time making decisions for herself, much less give orders that affect an entire crew in stressful situations!

By season 3, she has become a big white whale and was promoted up to “Number One” because tokenism. 

Tilly slim and healthy
Tilly obese

“If we make her hair bigger, maybe the rest will seem less fat.”

On the potentially bright side, maybe she will grow to be stronger and more decisive.


Speaking of emotional fragility. If you zoom out and take a long view, you may just notice characters in media – as the years go by – are now more likely to cry or rage over smaller and smaller issues.

Now, before we look at more of the new and changed media, much by Marvel and DC Comics, I want to encourage thoughts on:

What good are heroes and superheroes? Is it better for children to model the behavior of people with integrity, courage, and earned strength through struggle or hardship, or… something else?


Alfred: “The suit is literal perfection.”

Response from season 1 Batwoman: “It will be when it fits a woman.”

The show was not woke enough with its anti-male writing, so for season 2, white lesbian Ruby Rose was replaced with a black woman; Javicia Leslie.

Both seasons were monetary and viewership failures.


Batwoman Javicia Leslie

May 2021 update: Season 2 failing hard.

June 2022 update: Failed upward as new season planned. The impossible happened: Bad writing got worse.

Note that some of the media below has not yet been made into shows or films, failing for one reason or another in pre- or mid-production.


Marvel New Warriors

Marvel’s New Warriors

Perhaps the most aggregious example of the current state of wokeness in media is Marvel’s New Warriors. This is a great example of how buff, smart, attractive, healthy heroes are “threatening”. This new non-threatening team consists of:

Snowflake & Safespace. Snowflake is non-binary and goes by they/them. Snowflake has the power to generate individual crystallized snowflake-shaped shurikens Safespace can create force fields, but he can only trigger them if he is protecting somebody else.”

Screentime. “A Meme-Obsessed super teen whose brain became connected to the internet after becoming exposed to his grandfather’s experimental internet gas.”

B-Negative. A vampire “also obsessed with all the music and who has the attitude of a “classic” long-past decades like the ’90s, and the ’00s.” Yay for the message to “be” negative!

Trailblazer. An obese girl with a “magic backpack.”

So far, the comic is a failure. We’ll see if this team gets pushed into the visual media realm. Update: Cancelled.


Marvel New Warriors - Snowflake and Safespace
Marvel New Warriors - Trailblazer
Marvel - Captain Marvel

New Woke-approved Captains

Female Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) and Muslim female Ms Marvel (Kamala Khan).

Update: Brie Larson may be on the way out. Some speculate it is her unlike-ability or lack of bootay. 

Update 2022: New version of this superhero created, Miss Marvel. Season 1 has been super cringe; total Mary Sue character all about ego, missing challenges, conflict, and anything else (except for powers) that makes a hero.


Marvel - Ms Marvel

Iron Man retired

Welcome Iron Woman to the fray! Ironman was too white and too male for “modern audiences”.

Gwenyth Paltrow still may happen but confirmed is Riri Williams from Black Panther as Ironheart.

Marvel - Iron Woman
Spiderman Miles


Turned his love interest, “MJ” mixed race.

Spiderverse, super diverse, was a great animated film with well done dialog, plot, music, and animation but demonized the white male Spiderman as an unethical drunk. Seeing a pattern yet?

Speaking of that pattern…

Thor retired

Odin dead. Thor turned into a fat drunk in Endgame. Rumors that he will appear in the next Guardians of the Galaxy.

New: Bisexual black female Valkrie – Tessa Thompson – to be new king of Asgard. Tessa recorded saying about her character, “I’ll be looking for a queen to join me.”

Update: Female Thor – played by Natalie Portman confirmed. Tessa as lesbian “King of Asgard” confirmed.

This all happened. See Thor Love & Thunder. 


Marvel - Female Thor

Black Lightning

TV show failed fast.


TV show survived for awhile, got woke and failed.

Dark Phoenix

xmen - Dark Phoenix

Woke and failed @ ~$252M worldwide, costing $200M to make.

Quote from a character in the film: “The women are always saving the men around here. You might want to think about changing the name to X-Women.”


Marvel - Magneto

Name change to “X-Force” or “Mutants” because “X-Men” is too sexist.

Magneto – Irish origin white male – reimagined as the new Black Magneto. Confirmed.

Professor X to become the new Black Professor X.

Marvel - Hawkeye


TV Series. Reimagined. 

In Endgame, he seemed to be handing the mantle over to his daughter. 

Rumor is Hailee Steinfeld has been cast as the new Hawkeye. Update: It happened while they killed off the – gasp – white male Hawkeye.

Fantastic Four

New woke Fantastic Four

Watchmen reimagined

New race baiting Wokemen TV show. Failed.

Fantastic 4
Star Wars Rise
Star Wars Leslye Headland

Star Wars

Luke and Han Solo retired.

New: Rey (Daisy Ridley), black sidekick Finn (John Boyega), and Asian-American Kelly Marie Tran.

Failed with fans and approval-seeking critics loved it.


Female-centric Star Wars series is in the works From feminist “Russian Doll” Co-Creator Leslye Headland.

Walking Dead

Replace white male Rick with a black female. 

Primary monstrous enemy is a CIS white male, of course.

Walking Dead Michonne
Ghostbusters 2016

Ghostbusters 2016

Woke all-woman team. Failed miserably with audiences and budget. Virtue-signalling critics loved it.

Terminator Dark Fate

Kill John Conner. Bring in boyish fembot heroine.

Failed. $185M to produce. $70M made worldwide with  Audiences were luke warm and critics loved it.

Terminator Dark Fate
Jordan Peele Get Out

Peele wants to have it both ways, as in the TV series Key & Peele, in which the biracial duo capitalized on how Obama’s biracial identity was reformulated as “black.” As if celebrating social enlightenment, they concocted unfunny routines deriding black paranoia and white superstition. Get Out shares that opportunistic misconception. Its slug’s-pace opening (using an inept subjective point-of-view angle) replays the Trayvon Martin incident: A lone black male (LaKeith Stanfield) on a cellphone walks through an unfamiliar suburban community when he’s attacked. The movie never clearly explains the Stanfield character’s origin; the implications of both his introduction and reappearance merely set off obsessive social fears. In Larry Cohen’s more coherent horror-comedy Wicked Stepmother (1989), Bette Davis reappears in the person of Barbara Carrera, but the change is clearly presented and fully explained, while the introduction and reappearance in Get Out are not.

Jordan Peele’s “Get Out”

Excerpt from this review:


“… The horror side of the story shows writer-director Jordan Peele (Keegan-Michael Key’s costar on Comedy Central Network’s Key & Peele) imitating the slave-era terror of 12 Years a Slave. Peele’s plot jacks up that film’s existential paranoia,

a modern response to the helplessness of enslavement that politically naïve kids now dread as a modern American reality.

The comedy side churns out trite “post-racial” ironies that have defined political humor for the past eight years (protecting and defending former president Obama) and that now threaten to continue in bizarre guises like this. Rose informs Chris that her parents (Bradley Whitford and Catherine Keener) “would have voted for Obama a third time if they could.” Any audience who laughs at that is either scornful or regretful, so why the applause at the murderous finale?…

Charlie’s Angels 2019

Audiences hated it. Approval-seeking critics loved it.

$50M to produce. Made ~$45M worldwide.

Charlie's Angels
Dr Who

Doctor Who

Season 11 swapped the Doctor to be female.

Doubling down with even more “woke” writers for season 12. Failed.


Fully woke. Blatantly anti-Trump.

UPDATE: Viewership sharply declining.

Simpsons and Trump
Female Fight Club

Fight Club

Female-dominated reboot coming.

Lady Zorro

Show coming to CBS.

Honorable mentions

New woke 5th Indiana Jones film by feminist writer, Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

James Bond retiring for a new black female protagonist. Jane Bond? Other rumors: Same Daniel Craig as Bond but along side black feminist. Update: this happened. They killed him off completely.

New Rocketeer is a black female. Update: show cancelled.

Little mermaid converted to black female. Update: This happened. Show nearing release. 

Cliffhanger – Reboot with female lead.

Fast & Furious – Reboot with female lead.

Superman – Latest iteration is now gay. Update: Show died on the vine.


Lady Zorro

A source: Critical Theory

James Lindsay ascribes much of its spread amongst intelligent people not as much to conspiracy as to people wanting to be liked. Original video: https://youtu.be/dE8p-mcFdNg

Original title: ‘Woke utopia’, the end of the West & a new cult – James Lindsay interview – BQ #33

James Lindsay is a US academic with a background in math and physics. He co-authored the book Cynical Theories which takes a deep dive into the woke movement and its academic roots. Lindsay was also involved in the Grievance studies affair where a group of academics submitted fake papers for peer review to shine a light on poor standards and postmodernist ideas. 


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