Originally written in February 2022.

Does anyone else notice an increase in cussing?

In what experiences, subcultures, or media in your day to day life?
What do you believe the affects are?

I want to be clear: I’ve zero moral issues with cussing. My issue is that it can often be used to *try* to add intensity to an idea without doing the thought/work required to use other words.

And sadly, it influences those listening a tiny bit in the direction of cussing more. My personal way with cussing is to reserve it for special occasions.


What does cussing potentially say about a person?

Note: The following are my personal judgements. What are yours?

Do one or more of the following come to mind?
– Laziness
– Signaling non-conformity
– Poor vocabulary
– Lack of imagination
– Emotional fragility
– Poor self-awareness
– Poor self-control

    Can you think of any others?

    What do *you* think when you hear someone cussing excessively?
    For you, what is “excessive”?
    Do you change your frequency of cussing depending on the audience?
    What affects, if any, do you think cussing has on children?