A Practical EmPath

Rewire Your Mind

for more awareness, calm, connection, freedom, harmony, and power

A transformational guide for enhancing communication and personal growth through use of cognitive empathy. Drawing upon NVC, Buddhism, and Stoicism, Swain offers practical steps for improving relationships in both personal and business spheres, transforming anger, reducing social anxiety, and more.

“I especially loved the many stories and example conversations!”

The book delves deeper, sharing real-world insights emphasizing a conversational use of cognitive empathy he calls “Street empathy.” This fosters a deeper understanding of self and others, blossoming into organic self-defense for those with intense emotions.

Swain balances practical, everyday tools with relatable, light-hearted explanation,offering easy accessibility even for newcomers to these concepts.

The title, “A Practical EmPath,” mirrors the dual focus of the content: it is both a guide for empathetic individuals and a roadmap for cultivating empathy, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling life. In this book, Scott provides fresh perspectives on empathy and communication.

A Practical EmPath: Rewire Your Mind