Earn 10 Decks

While contributing to the cause of spreading empathy!


Send Scott a video showing people playing the game.
NOTE: This is for a marketing campaign to spread tools for more empathy in the world, so Scott reserves the right to accept or not accept submission(s) for any reason.
Goal is to have more than one video, to show a variety of people and ways of playing. If your video is not accepted for use, you may still receive a free deck or two, depending on quality.
Ideas for your videos
– Authentic smiles and laughter are a plus.
– Maybe film an entire game and edit down to your favorite 4-5 minutes. If it’s just too good to cut that much, send a longer version.
– Resolution: 1080p, 1440p, or 2560p(4k). Preference for highest.
Scott reserves the right to edit further if your video is used.