What’s coming next?

First, did you know there is a card game that goes with this book as a fun way to practice and connect with others?
Second, knowing that many either prefer the audio version or would like to have it as  a supplement to reinforce the paperback and kindle versions, Scott is working to get it recorded. Subscribe below to stay notified.
Finally, Scott frequently uploads changes to the current manuscript, sometimes significant. If you’d like to be informed of when those happen, and potentially get the additional text sent to you, subscribe below.

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Chris Galusha

I have been working actively on improving my communication since my divorce a year ago. This class was a

Suza Kanon

this was a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend the day. intense & somewhat emotionally exhausting, but extremely worth it

A Practical EmPath by Scott Howard Swain
Scott Howard Swain
Scotter on Integrity