Original publication: November 2020.

(1) In progress: Create fear; physical, psychological, and emotional separation; and economic ruin with a bio-plandemic. “But at least we can connect, share information, organize, learn, play, and share & acquire entertainment via Internet.” See #3. below.

(2) Destroy USA’s remaining ability to create our own food using various vectors, including soil nutrients depleted and Russia was a major source for that. Push hard against meat raising, processing, and consumption. All the while continue to subsidize processing of the most unhealthy foods and drugs. We know the billions big pharma gives to media and politicians.

(3) Remove remaining connection and stability with orchestrated more war (we know how much the military industrial complex pours into media and government), cyber virus panic, fourth wave feminism, and illusion of racism. Keep us at each others’ throats with distrust and anger.

(4) All along the way WHO, NATO, et al, grab more power and influence while the USA’s sovereignty and value for individual rights continues to erode. Canada is not far “ahead” of us in that path.


who benefits

How/why will this happen?

Short answer: Cyber virus plandemic.

Short video sharing some details:


I’m amping up my efforts to tighten up our networks! Please do the same. Here are some ideas:

Communication privacy

Your privacy is more important now than ever. Why should you care and how do you increase it? https://clearsay.net/why-telegram-vs-fb-messenger-texting

Nurture relationships & create new ones

Increase priority of connecting with your “tribes”

Do you have friend groups who [used to or still do] get together to share time, work, play, food, sex, or knowledge? Talk to them about these issues.

Encourage more in-person meetings. Think BBQs, parties, and game nights.

Find ways to communicate in the case of loss of Internet connectivity. Think short wave radios (you can buy for as low as $20 each), established meeting places, plans for who can do or supply what in case of restrictions on shopping for essentials.


It is a strategically “smart move” to get to know your neighbors to increase inter-dependence for trading, increased security, and emotional stability. Before this latest Covid, people were already protesting in many Countries. It’s easy to see how this will increase. Please consider: there is strength in numbers. Even if I’m wrong and things “go back to normal,” (a) Do you want to take that risk? (b) Even if it gets back to “normal”, it can’t hurt to have more friends and be more friendly with your neighbors, can it?

Friend group
Play to Evolve Austin 2016

In your neighborhood, are you better off knowing 1% or 100% of your neighbors? To me it is obvious, the closer to 100% you can come, the better. Of course, there are caveats like it’s usually best to NOT share how much of what gear and resources you have, because that route can make you a target. Be savvy with what you allow your neighbors to know about you, at least until you have a general idea of how prepared they are and what their attitude about things like property is. There is a fine line you can walk here by making sure they know you are not an unprepared leach who could be looking for a handout if things get worse but without sharing all the ways you are capable of defending your home.

Play to Evolve card game

Relationship skills

This applies to your closest relationships as well as your acquaintances and neighbors. If you are going to be couped up for long periods of time with or without a partner or family, you may want to have strong relationship skills! For working on your relationship skills, please see all the resources I’ve created at https://ClearSay.net.


That’s all for now. I wish all of you well and in spite of all the negatives I have mentioned above, I do have hope for all of us!