Original publication: Early February 2020. Updated.

My greatest worry since the beginning of the Covid-19 situation has been that the government response – “encouraging” us to stay inside and/or apart, as well as force businesses to close – would initially cause supply chain issues, followed by businesses going bankrupt or shutting down for good. People were looking at me like I was crazy when I started following the exact advice you see in this article. I didn’t want to be right.

I thought, “I may be wrong but most of the ways I’m preparing will do me good even if this thing quickly blows over.”

If you want to learn the latest NON-politically corrupted information on Covid-19, from doctors and others with integrity and who are willing to question the mainstream media, take a look at this Covid Facts site.

Covid Facts

Basic economics; poverty can kill

I’m not going to speculate on the benefits and dangers of lockdown vs. no lockdown, except to encourage you to look at how various US States have handled the situation and the results we see so far. Look at the results of Sweden’s relatively lax treatment of the “pandemic”. This is ongoing. I have my opinions, but that isn’t what this article is about. Here I want to talk about the coming challenges, why they are coming, and some ways the average person can prepare.


When businesses shut down, there is a huge ripple affect. People lose their jobs. When people can’t afford to buy food or pay rent, they become homeless and hungry. Right now there are approximately [Updated February 2020 to “over 10 million”] [updated October 2020 to “over 30 million”] who have applied for unemployment and the number is growing daily.

With the supply chain impact, supply shortages, and unemployment, I foresee a deep and widespread recession or, more likely, depression coming. Some say it is already here. If the above factors aren’t bad enough: add:

– Hyperinflation to the equation from the huge amount of money printing.

– Worker shortage in America: Boomers have already and are in the process of retiring. Competent replacements across many industries are scarce. Generally, Gen Xers are/have taken over to shoulder keeping things running. But then it gets depressing. Work competency of Millennials is hit or miss, depending on various factors, including the parenting they received and how much Big Pharma was an influence in their lives. Zoomers were raised by Gen X and even more Big Pharma. They are antisocial, entitled, mentally handicapped in one way or another, emotionally fragile, and have higher suicide rates than any demographic in history so far.

–  Energy. [updated] You see the rising gas prices and know of the Russian/Ukraine war. Combined with oil production being hampered in the US. Everything comes from oil!

Near future prediction

(1) In progress: Create fear; physical, psychological, and emotional separation; and economic ruin with a bio-plandemic. “But at least we can connect, share information, organize, learn, play, and share & acquire entertainment via Internet.” See #3. below.

(2) Destroy USA’s remaining ability to create our own Energy. How about food? Using various vectors, including soil nutrients depleted and Russia was a major source for that. Push hard against meat raising, processing, and consumption. All the while continue to subsidize processing of the most unhealthy foods and drugs. We know the billions big pharma gives to media and politicians. By the time people realize veganism is killing people, we’ll have a nation of sick soyboys unwilling to stand up for more than their pronouns.

(3) Remove remaining connection and stability with more orchestrated war (we know how much the military industrial complex pours into media and government lobbying), cyber virus panic, fourth wave feminism, and the illusion of racism. Keep us at each others’ throats with distrust and anger. Destroy the desire to partner up, couple up, and reproduce. No help from drugs, bad food, and bio-weapons. Encourage people to isolate away from exercise, sunshine, fresh air, and the germs we need to challenge our immune systems. Convert humans into emotionally and physically fragile and dependent weaklings.

(4) All along the way the WHO, NATO, et al, grab more power and influence while the USA’s sovereignty and value for individual rights continues to erode. Canada is not far “ahead” of us on that path.

Back to YOU and what you can do

I implore all to look at your income / expense ratio, how dependent you are on “the system”, including food, water, and electricity. Do a thought experiment: “What if I went to the grocery store and it was closed or the shelves were bare? What would I do? What if water becomes scarce?”

Prepping no longer seems paranoid?

Back to the hyperinflation assertion. How this directly affects you: Prices will rise for most items, especially the ones you need most. This is the most basic economic principle. With less demand, more supply, and high levels of inflation, prices rise. Have you noticed how many items, like meat, already are rising in price?

Some ways to spend your fiat currency (USD) right now that will give you piece of mind and some protection against what is coming:

Start a garden


If your outdoor space is limited, there are still many options. I’ve been transplanting many of my veggie plants into bags. This has the following benefits:

  • Portability: Easy to move plants in and out of sunlight and rain or in and out of the house.
  • Experimentation with water, sun, and nutrients. If you have two similar plants of the same type and want to experiment to find out what combination of sun, water, temperature, and nutrients that type of plant prefers, much easier to do with bags.

And… research composting. It’s a cheap – even free – way to create rich soil for your garden. 

If you have the space. Buy seeds and gardening tools. PLEASE research what veggies are the most nutritious. There are many myths out there, and sadly most are perpetuated by the FDA. Don’t take my word for it. Research on your own. Pre-sprouted plants can make it easier to get started but keep in mind many of the places that sell these have “addicted” the plants to a high dose of nutrients.

My plant bags

Rain water collection barrels

There are many ways to do this. You may want to get gutters on your roof.


Eggs, good

Chickens, ducks, etc. Eggs are a superfood. Enough said there. Look into the many ways ducks are superior to chickens for the average person wanting to get their back yard yielding some eggs. Also, ducklings are cute!

Food storage

Canning, dedicated freezer, etc.

Food storage

Energy independence

Set up a solar harvesting system, which includes panels, converters/inverters, storage, and ways to get the electricity to your freezer, phone, etc. Propane, gasoline, and batteries are other ways to prepare.

Prepping resources

Here’s a list of important items for prepping. Includes vital nutrients in case of reduction in access to fresh foods and meat.

Here’s how to prepare for anything and reduce household expenses.

Home defense

Home defense

Think about what might happen when an increasing number of people are hungry and want to feed their children. Their ethics and principles tend to be dropped so they can put food in mouths. So this is where I encourage you to think about what it might take to defend your home. If you need inspiration, look to Venezuela. Update: Look at DC, Chicago, Detroit, Portland, and Seattle. And the list is growing weekly.

Get to know your neighbors

Along those lines: It is a strategically “smart move” to get to know your neighbors to increase inter-dependence for trading, increased security, and emotional stability. Before this latest Covid, people were already protesting in many Countries. It’s easy to see how this will increase. Please consider: there is strength in numbers. Even if I’m wrong and things “go back to normal,” (a) Do you want to take that risk? (b) Even if it gets back to “normal”, it can’t hurt to have more friends and be more friendly with your neighbors, can it?


In your neighborhood, are you better off knowing 1% or 100% of your neighbors? To me it is obvious, the closer to 100% you can come, the better. Of course, there are caveats like it’s usually best to NOT share how much of what gear and resources you have, because that route can make you a target. Be savvy with what you allow your neighbors to know about you, at least until you have a general idea of how prepared they are and what their attitude about things like property is. There is a fine line you can walk here by making sure they know you are not an unprepared leach who could be looking for a handout if things get worse but without sharing all the ways you are capable of defending your home.

Play to Evolve card game

Relationship skills

This applies to your closest relationships as well as your acquaintances and neighbors. If you are going to be couped up for long periods of time with or without a partner or family, you may want to have strong relationship skills! For working on your relationship skills, please see all the resources I’ve created at https://ClearSay.net.


Privacy matters more than you thought

Governments and corporations around the world and even in the USA, right or wrong, are using the virus as an excuse to subvert our privacy. Many of you may say, “But if I do nothing wrong, why should I care?”

Privacy and Telegram

I wonder if you know that many ideas about government snooping – previously considered to be conspiracy theories – have come out into the open as being true? The most high profile exposures lately are related to Edward Snowden, former NSA contractor, and Julian Assange of WikiLeaks.

Everything you say that is not encrypted is being vacuumed up and stored in huge databases. If you are okay with that, then maybe you are also okay with never wearing clothes, never closing the curtains on your window, removing all the bathroom and bedroom doors inside your house, and posting all your secrets to your public Fakebook and Instagrab streams?

Do you still care little for your privacy? You have a pass code or some sort of security in your phone, right? Same goes for email. How often do you hand your phone to someone for the purpose of them looking at all your pictures and messages? If you didn’t have anything to hide, you wouldn’t care. But you do. Everyone does. Privacy is something that makes you a human. You might be okay with security agencies, companies, or governments having your private information. You might trust Facebook, Twitter, and Google. But what if they get hacked and your information falls into the wrong hands? Someone targeting your company or family. Would you still be okay with that? Would you be okay knowing that your photos, emails, or chats are in the hands of someone who can blackmail you?

How about how your support for invasion of privacy affects your friends and neighbors? Do their opinions not matter? Are you ok with them being caged or harassed because of unpopular opinions? Is that the future you want?

Finally, consider the chilling effect on innovation, debate, and expression occurs when you fear speaking against popular opinion? Think of the people throughout history who stood out as great innovators and inventors and how easily their contributions could have been nullified by lack of privacy.

Conspiracies are sometimes true

I’ve probably given you a lot to think about. I know some or even much of what I’ve said here goes against what CNN, Apple, Google, Bill Gates, et al, have been filling your ears with. Please follow the money in terms of who stands to profit if you believe the hype. For example, how do the producers of vaccines stand to profit by an epidemic? If you know anything about marketing and brainwashing, you will know that repetition is key, so it can be difficult to throw off the urge to ignore data that is counter to what you have been told your entire life. You could easily “get in the mood” by reading or watching classics (now banned in an increasing number of public schools) such as 1984, Brave New World, V for Vendetta, The Giver, and Catch 22.

June 2020 Update: something important to consider

Researchers in Barcelona say they have detected the presence of Covid-19 in a waste water sample collected in the Spanish city in March 2019, nine months before the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China, was first reported.

If confirmed, the finding raises questions as to the origin of the virus and where it may have been circulating before the health emergency was first declared in China last December.

However, scientists have cautioned against over-interpreting the results, which appeared to be a one-off, and could be linked to contamination between samples.

The team also found more consistent results showing that SARS-CoV-2 had showed up in Barcelona’s waste water from January 15 this year, six weeks before the first coronavirus case was registered in a Spanish hospital in late February… article here

Covid-19 Barcelona

That’s all for now. I wish all of you well and in spite of all the negatives I have mentioned above, I do have hope for all of us!