Featured: Brave New World,

the mini-series, 2020, Peacock network

Sexy, high budget, well-written, and – like the book by Aldous Huxley – a commentary on how

tyranny can arrive via comfort, ease, and pleasure.

Looking at today’s rise in the seeking of comfort and illusion of safety over freedom, this mini-series seems prophetic in the extreme.

I see this mini-series as a potential red pill for the many who may not see the price we are paying and will pay in the future for choosing comfort and the illusion of safety over freedom.

Originally on NBC’s new Peacock network.

A few more we might call “pro-individualism”, “pro-decentralization,” or even “pro-liberty”

V for Vendetta
Man in the High CastleĀ 
Catch 22
The Giver
The Lego Movie
Rick & Morty

Unbreakable, Split, and Glass
A boy & His Dog
Avengers Civil War
Children of men
Adjustment Bureau
Dark City
Fight Club
In Time
Songbird (2020)


Is your normalcy bias or boiling frog syndrome acting up and you don’t see the identity politics in many of the shows and films coming out lately? Here are some examples.

Now some films I recommend that don’t necessarily buy into any politics

City of Lost Children
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
The Boys season 1 on Amazon
Best in Show (Christopher Guest)
Dead Alive (Peter Jackson; gory good fun)

John Dies at the End
Iron Skies (Nazis on the moon)
Pulp Fiction
Dune – 80s version, Sci Fi Channel mini-series, and 2021 version

Jackie Brown (Tarrantino)
Mars Attacks
Sillicon Valley (all seasons)
But I’m a Cheerleader


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