The alarm goes off. The torture begins. You choose how long the pain will go on. Every time you hit snooze, you extend that torture for you and your mate.


When you hit snooze, you are:
– breaking a promise to yourself, reducing your integrity and self-worth. This can also make it easier to break other promises.
– influencing your mate’s sleep, potentially interrupting deep sleep, which impacts their mood and even health.
– reducing your mate’s level of respect and trust for you, which impacts the relationship.


Some practices that can help free you from that evil button:
– condition yourself to wake when you want to. Simple “how to”: When you go to bed, look at the clock and visualize when you want to get up.
– when the alarm goes off, get up immediately.


When you ween yourself from use of the snooze button, you are:
– increasing your self-discipline.
– leveling up your awareness of your programming.
– increasing your integrity.
– increasing your self-respect and self-confidence.
– making future challenges easier to address.
– contributing to your mate’s mood and health.
– increasing your mate’s respect for you.
– taking one step closer to becoming a time god!