Jon De Montreville

For me NVC with Scott was an amazing breakthrough in communication as well as an eye opening view of the unconditional love Scott has for so many. I found myself

Marisa Santangelo

I’ve played Play to Evolve with my teenage sons and in adult small groups with great results. The game provides a supportive environment to learn how to clearly express emotions,

Bob Kadrie

“Can I skip my session and we just keep doing Play To Evolve for the rest of the day?” ~ Bob Kadrie, Creative Director, Red Pill Now after 90 minutes

Niki Acosta

When I first heard about NVC, I was skeptical, however coming from a relationship where the communication was destructive, I decided to give it a shot. During the sessions, I

Melissa Richardson

Learning about Non-Violent Communication from Scott has helped me become more aware of how I speak and interact with others. As a teacher, the students and I have benefited from

Anja from Netherlands

Dear Scott, I would really like to thank you for the nice and humoristic animations you created. The cartoons are helping me to understand the concept of nonviolent communication in


When I was initiated and learned my first lesson of tantra meditation, I took an oath of non violence. NVC resonated with me immediately like my spiritual path did. The

Ryon Day

Cannot say how much this stuff has improved my life, Scotter. I have a lot of difficulty keeping in the NVC ‘mode’ because so much of my day to day

Angie Epley

I’m so glad I signed up for this workshop. First, it prompted me to read the book which I’d been meaning to do for some time but never got around

Randy Carnes

First, I would like to thank Scott for the opportunity to take part in this course. Over the years, I had come to see myself as a good communicator. This


Thanks for helping me with “NVC goggles”. I am seeing the world more clearly thru lenses of empathy and compassion. It’s so great to start liberating yourself and the way

Peter James Craig

When I arrived at the first meeting, I immediately felt connected to the open, safe space he provided at his place. I really enjoyed practicing NVC with a group of

Chris Galusha

I have been working actively on improving my communication since my divorce a year ago. This class was a real boost to improving my communication with my daughters, friends, and

Jackie Sy

I participated in Scotter’s NVC class last year (January-March 2010) and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in communicating with anyone else. Much of the information was


You’re one of the biggest proponents of open, honest communication that I know. And an amazingly respectful person, in every way that I’ve seen. And experienced in multiple types of

Ava Thomas

When I first met Scott, I was inspired by the way he communicated with and interacted with everyone around him, and my personal interactions with him conveyed a depth of

Jeremy Connors

Not at all what I expected. The structure was so much more free-flow than I prepared myself for. And I personally think that the result of that was yes, at

Suza Kanon

this was a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend the day. intense & somewhat emotionally exhausting, but extremely worth it imho. much appreciation to everyone that came & opened up to

David Cole

My wife and I got a lot out of the workshop. It really enhanced what we learned from the book. NVC does not solve all of my communication “issues”, but

Dr. Cynthia Schade

Communication skills that I have been introduced to thru Scott Swain are helping me transform my business from a resentful, high-turnover office to one where people are having fun and

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