First, I would like to thank Scott for the opportunity to take part in this course. Over the years, I had come to see myself as a good communicator. This class showed that I had a lot to learn. After an intense day of exercises, discussions and lecture, I picked up more about communication than I had in my adult life. These days, when I use these communication techniques at work and in personal interactions, I am better able to listen and be listened to. When I choose not to employ these methods, communications feel more labored and less productive. My days are spent working with vendors and engineers, dealing with their expectations and my own. These dynamic interactions can become heated due to the amount of money that is at stake. When I use these tools to deal with them, the negotiations go smoothly and people typically get most if not all of what they want. My personal life is very up and down at times. It has helped me deal with family and loved ones in a way that they are heard and understood. It also gives me a method of having them understand me better. Again, when I fail to use the techniques, discussions turn into bickering which turns into a fight. This class and the time you’ll spend are well worth it. ~ Randy Carnes