Not at all what I expected. The structure was so much more free-flow than I prepared myself for. And I personally think that the result of that was yes, at times, sidetracked conversations but also unrehearsed, relevant material for the analyzing and applicability of non-violent communication techniques. A lot of intimacy was shared that Saturday. The more uncomfortable it got, the better we processed the notion of offering our needs and listening to others’ simultaneously. Not sure I’ll ever quite be the same, in the sense that I now know better than to judge anything I don’t agree with, or to withdraw from fully participating in a genuine manner. Vulnerability is the hardest thing in this life for me. Sure, the book was great. But the class about the book’s lessons, and the involvement of our group is what allowed me to digest ideas like fairness and empathy. There is no teaching substitute for experiential learning. Thank you for offering yourself up for us.