Play to Evolve Note to Adam

This game is a gift for Adam and I hope all of you play it.

What is it?

The short answer: It’s my way of contributing to increased emotional resiliency in the world in a way that people can enjoy while it happens.

Scott Howard Swain

Full answer

I created it about four years ago in order to bring a fun way for people to practice empathy, level up EQ, strengthen relationships, reduce emotional fragility, and increase understanding of what each individual is and is not responsible for.

This game is a peak in my life quest to spread what I’m calling “the “A Practical EmPath” system”. I’ve also created a mobile app for Android and a free webapp for everyone else you can find out about here.

Also: I’ve created an a.i. called EmpathyBot you can chat with and even train here.

Finally, a related article I think you all may find interesting: Are kids getting enough hardship innoculation and empathy?

Where are the rules and examples of game play?

Rules & Examples.

All I ask in return is that ya’ll let me know what you think of the game, if you choose to play it.

Scott Howard Swain

Austin EQ 2018
EQ in Acapulco 2017
EQ in Acapulco
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