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How Do We Get a More Peaceful World?

by Scott Swain 

You probably see the inequities and corruption in our system. Maybe you see the many ways it is possible that human beings can work together to create voluntary systems and even effective rules without the need for a ruling class. Heck, humans created computers, pizza, and rocket ships!
So yay, I'm glad you are "with it", philosophically and you may even see how Voluntaryism can work, practically ( So, it is reasonable for you to ask, "How can we get there from here?" and/or "What can I do to help?"
It's a common misconception that Libertarians, Minarchists, Agorists, and Anarchists (hereinafter "Voluntaryists" and yes taking some liberties, in the name of keeping it as simple as possible) favor immediate and/or violent revolution. Actually, most often it is the opposite that is true. Most every Voluntaryist I've met realizes the path to a peaceful world, absent involuntary government, is most likely obtainable via a peaceful path. Why build a peaceful world on a foundation of violence?
So how can we "get there" peacefully?

I look around at what my fellow Voluntaryists - and even people who don't label themselves that - are doing and I see us coming at the solution from many directions. I see each of these "ways" as intersections in a "safety net". As this net gets more dense, the need for government is reduced and the more ways people can transition more peacefully from involuntary government to systems of voluntary governance. Here are some ways I see:
- Educate yourself. Read books or watch videos. Whatever it takes. Books have some advantages, including: (a) being a form of meditation, (b) increasing your patience, (c) exercising your brain, (d) increasing your reading comprehension, and (e) making you a better writer so you don't sound like a dumbass when you write. Here are some books and authors I recommend: Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt. The Conscious Resistance by Derrick Broze. The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose and Freedom by Adam Kokesh are thin and packed with bang for the buck. And if you really want to understand Voluntaryism on a deep philosophical level, read, Bastiat, Hayek, and Rothbard.
- Peer-to-Peer sharing/trading. Use blockchain-based services like, Bitcoin, and my favorite, EOS. Try for anonymous crypto trading. Try the wallet for your computer and the Samourai wallet for your phone. Use,, and https://Arcade.City instead of taxis, for free lodging and sharing space. for travel or to supplement your income. for local goods and services. My companies, and, are working now on one of these type of systems called FreeTribes and a mobile app version of the "Play to Evolve" card game you see on the right, and I can use your help! Disruptive technologies can reduce costs, increase efficiency, and create wealth.
- Empathy undermines coercion. Spread empathy using methods like Emotional Intelligence Tools and Nonviolent Communication (NVC) (, and Circling ( Whether you do or don't see the value in more people being more empathetic, most agree that having strong communication skills is helpful for all interaction. For more on how empathy supports Voluntaryism: here
- Educate your children. State Education is a huge factor in indoctrinating people to support authoritarianism and involuntary government. Solution: Private schools, Homeschooling & Unschooling ( Bonus: The Internet allows most people to teach themselves.
- Peaceful parenting (not permissive parenting). Includes use of natural consequences. The goal is to grow peaceful, intrinsically motivated, responsible, empathetic adults. Peaceful parenting resource (
- Spread the word. Media & propaganda are powerful. Spreading the word via films, animations, articles, conversations, and debates. There are many myths out there to be dispelled! Here is one: Myth: America has free market capitalism (

- Communicate with privacy. Deny snoopers from seeing/hearing/recording your texts, emails, and phone calls. Some apps I find useful include: Telegram ( is a free encrypted texting app that works on iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac, and web. is a free secure email service from Switzerland. You can even switch your DNS management from NSA lap dogs like Godaddy to Here's an important article to help understand why this is important, what apps to avoid, and what apps to use: Why Using Facebook Messenger Hurts Us All.

- Communicate censorship-free. is the most popular decentralized blockchain-based social media site that has no censorship and where you can get paid for your posts. Heck, it's probably the ONLY social media site that meets those prerequisites. And right now with Google and Facebook amping up their censorship and general reduced friendliness toward libertarians, I see as having a huge amount of potential to be a haven for free expression. Lately, I've found myself more often using, which is also censorship free and has a much nicer interface and easier startup process than Steemit. You can find me there at

- Replace the "need" for government watchdogs. Peer-to-Peer review/reputation apps like and Here we can even change the "punishment paradigm" toward restitution, rehabilitation, and in the worst cases, ostracization.

- Security. Private Security Organizations (PSOs) and Dispute Resolution Organizations (DROs) like you see detailed in the Law Without Government ( videos - many forms of these exist already and new ones are being built right now. Detroit's Threat Management ( is a great example of private security stepping up to protect people both poor and rich.

- Self sufficiency. Another common misconception about Voluntaryism is that everyone must be self sufficient. Most of us know that certain basic needs like security, connection, efficiency, variety, sustainability, etc., are best met by interacting with, trading with, and getting along with our fellow humans. That said, we all benefit when more of us can survive on our own (and teach others to do so), or at least feed and defend ourselves and our families if and when necessary. Examples: Learn to garden. Rainwater collection. Solar and wind. Study nutrition. Martial arts. Firearm safety and use.
- Access to information. Via the Internet, more people have access to see the many ways involuntary government is inefficient, corrupt, and the many ways it is failing us. Exposure to other kinds of thought/culture can also create more acceptance and humility, which are key to letting go of wanting to control others by proxy of involuntary government. Support open source.
Finally: I see some well done dystopian films that serve as warnings. 1984 and Brave New World come to mind. What I'd like to see more of (haven't seen one yet, really) is a film showing a person from this world somehow transported into a Voluntaryist region. We could go sci-fi with it where "transported" means dimensional or time travel OR we could go very realistic where some people form a State-less society in some region. Anyway, there would be some seeing that world through the eyes of a Statist and how he'd be asking questions like, "Wow! How is it so many people are so prosperous?"
Here is a short video that talks about the easiest way you can contribute via a shift in your own perception and communication, that, at the same time, personally benefits you: Change the world, step 1.
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