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      I have a situation where I have been trying to use NVC with someone to make connection and gain empathy with them, but when I try to do this (for example when I ask them what they are feeling, what their needs are, or tell them about what’s alive in me) they stop responding. They essentially ignore whatever I’ve said.

      This is confusing because this person will still communicate on other topics (and in fact the behavior which led to me attempting NVC in the first place still continues) but whenever I try to use NVC language there is just no response.

      Does anyone have any suggestions for how to deal with this type of situation? I know in the book it’s suggested to use NVC silently inside one’s on mind if the other person is not responsive to it, but in this case I have a problem in that the other person is using emotional violence against me and I am trying to get it to stop in order to get my needs met for compassion, respect, love, and understanding.

      Any help greatly appreciated and thank you!

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