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Are You A Chauvinist And You Didn't Know It?

chau vin ism
Excessive or prejudiced loyalty or support for one's own cause, group, or gender.
"A bastion of male chauvinism"

Some believe that judging an individual because they are part of a specific group or judging a group based on the actions of an individual is usual not the most intelligent or fair way of navigating life. 

Many will even stand up for those they see as being unfairly judged. Do you? In what manner? It's popular right now in some circles to stand up for some groups by blaming and attacking other groups with the goal being to equalize.
I wonder how many people have tall privilege? How about beauty privilege? 

Next time we assume a person had it easy because of their current economic status, skin color, or gender, maybe it serves us best to think twice and remember that we don't know their history.
Could we be doing the very thing we cry out against?

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